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Opus Interior Design by Mandy Wahn is a comprehensive design studio, synonymous with the creation of beautifully crafted interiors.
Mandy Wahn’s project reflects her extensive experience in creating luxurious and liveable spaces for national and international clients.
Mandy Wahn encompasses interior design, interior architecture, and her very own bespoke British made furniture.

Mandy Wahn was born in London, studied architecture in Cambridge University and the Architectural Association.
She invested in Derelict sites at school and went on to find Atelier Chan Chan in 2008 prior to starting her very own Opus Interior design and continuously expanding.


Here at Opus, design process happens in five simple stages, you can choose to proceed with one or all. This allows complete flexibility and a step by step approach where budgets can be strictly adhered to. At the initial meeting we like to meet on site in order to effectively assess your vision for the project, we discuss design ideas, required time frames and budget guidelines then create a written brief for further discussion and approval.

Then the fun begins - space planning, design development and scheming & sourcing of Interior finishes ; joinery, furniture, fabric, lighting and accessories, resulting in complete and integrated project design presented on concept boards. With schemes approved we create full and detailed estimates and outline our predicted time plan before orders are placed and services commissioned.

Our ”hands on” approach means we guide our clients smoothly through each stage, project managing all aspects of works and installation to a successful and approved conclusion.


Interior Design created for your comfort and pleasure.


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